Richt Says UGA Doesn’t Need Penn State Players

ATHENS — “Currently, Georgia is not pursuing any of Penn State’s football players. We wish Coach O’Brien and the players the best.”

That statement came from the UGA’s  sports communication office to beat reporters a little after 5 p.m. on Friday. It came as a raw statement without any context or explanation.

I happened to be talking to Christopher Lakos, one of Georgia’s associate directors of sports communications, just before the email was sent out. All he could tell me was the release was simply “a message Coach Richt wants to get out about something he’s been getting a lot of calls about.”

You’ll recall that Richt on Monday told reporters covering the annual Greater Atlanta UGA Days event at Cobb Galleria that the Bulldogs would in fact be interested in recruiting some of the Nittany Lions players. The NCAA, in its historic ruling against Penn State for covering up child sex atrocities committed by a former assistant coach, announced that Penn State players would be allowed to transfer anywhere without penalty and that schools would be allowed to openly recruit them.

So this offseason has seen one of the top RBs in the nation Isaiah Crowell get popped for having a burner gun, half the secondary get suspended for at least the first game and now Coach Mark Richt claim “meh, we don’t need any help.” Wrong. When’s this guy gonna learn that you kick an opponent when they’re down? I don’t blame RB Silas Redd for heading to Southern Cal one bit. Lane Kiffin doesn’t give a shit up there. He’s pissed off about not being ineligible for a bowl last season and he’s ready to beat some ass. He’ll pillage any program of their best talent, much less Penn State. He was stuck in Knoxville for one season and said “I’m out” the second the phone rang from USC. Mark Richt on the other hand is probably off adopting another 5 African kids and telling his players if they pray hard enough and don’t do drugs they’ll win a championship. Wrong again. Someone needs to rent “The U” and force Richt to watch it. That’s how you run a football program.


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